Esperanza Residencia in El Portillo

Residencia Esperanza is located east from Las Terrenas, at just 5 minutes by car. And the beach road which is connecting Las Terrenas and El Portillo is a beauty... In fact, taking this road you see that El Portillo is going towards the upscale market. Loma Esperanza is around 8 minutes by car from Las Terrenas, here restaurants, beaches and shops.

And Residencia Esperanza or Loma Esperanza is for sure no exception. The large private property has luxury modern style villas. The green zones are a protection for you privacy. Several tennis courts, a heli platform and a private beach for the owners and visitors.

The resort has a 24-hrs security. Several roads inside the property are only to be used by golf carts to protect the noise level.

For properties for sale: villas and/or land inside Residencia Esperanza CLICK HERE.

Loma Esperanza also is located inside a small micro climate... which means THAT here we have LESS rain and MORE sun than in Las Terrenas and Playa Coson.