Financing a property Dominican Republic

Residential mortgages / financing on villas, land and apartments

- around 9% Interest Rate for residences for 25 years / max 70% (land max 50%)

- Only legal expenses and NO closing fees. (Ex. over 200.000 usd loan around 1.200 usd legal fees)

- Fast and efficient disbursement.

- Title deeds will be transfered in your personal name. title goes in escrow at bank


- Copy of passport and identification document

- Last two income tax statements

- Authorization to issue a Credit Bureau Report from the customer's country of residence

- Income letter, if an employee

- Letter of reference of your 2 primary banks at your country of residence

- Evidence of assets in your country of residence

- Assignment of insurance policy (to be issued in DR with Scotia Corredores de Seguros)

- Appraisal of the property by a bank authorized appraiser to be made in DR (paid by applicant, max 300 usd)

***However, there may be cases where, due to the nature of the customer and their credit profile, we would need to request additional documents.

Ask us for more information.

Besides financing many owners who are selling are offering payment plans. Which means a downpayment and a plan to pay over several years.