The Dominican Republic is a very investor-friendly country.

  • One can enjoy unrestricted –freehold- land ownership and there are very low real estate taxes on property and land.
  • One can register property ownership on your own name, or as a couple or into a(offshore) company. There are definite very good options to protect your assets. (see / click the article on this site: “The Dominican Republic: A Secret Tax Haven”.

According to many (read e.g. Escape from America Magazine online) the Dominican Republic scores high as a retirement haven.

Easy and unrestricted foreign residency, a favorable approach to foreign taxation.Real estate, land and property represents an excellent value. Real estate is (yet) relative very affordable compared to sky-high property prices in the Bahama’s,Turks & Caicos, Barbados and other caribbean islands.

For these reasons , the DR is a top pick in the Caribbean as a retirement haven. Also, there’s an interesting and welcoming expat community on this island, especially in Samana where there is an established mixed population of Europeans, Canadianand US people.

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