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Posted by admin on February 2, 2017
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Interested in living in or around Las Terrenas and want to know more about the costs of living here in this area at Samana. The prices you see here are prices on location and can of course vary where you buy.

Location Las Terrenas: Las Terrenas is located at the north east side from the Dominican Republic. On the Samana peninsula, at the atlantic ocean. Once a small fishermen village and now growing rapidly. At this moment around 15,000 people living here from which around 3,000-4,000 foreigners. All type of nationalities: french, italians, spanish, german, swiss, dutch, canadians, etc. Las Terrenas is a shorts and t-shirt village. You do not see any ties here or costums...

Languages: In and around Las Terrenas mainly spanish. However, the local schools start to give english classes. In other parts from Samana are more people speaking english. Because of the history.

Grosseries: a normal average shopping for grosseries per week is around 150 usd per week. This is the normal food, some drinks, fish, meat, cleaning, etc.

Water and drinking: do NOT drink the water from hotels or homes. Use bottled water. Price is around 1 usd per gallon. You can buy them everywhere. For normal homes: just install a UV-filter and you are good for everything except drinking. Then it is safe for shower, dishes, teeth, etc.

Dining: Las Terrenas has many restaurants, on or close to the beach or center town in whatever price range and whatever nationality. Starting at around 4-5 usd for the local restaruants going up to 50-60 usd for international restaurants. Price per person.

Safety: always a discussion. When you are in the all inclusive hotels the guy at the gate will tell you "don't go outside, its dangerous out there..."  If you believe that, its ok for me and i will not enter in these discussions. Its a safe or unsafe as any other place here. Just use "common sense...". And understand that every country has its own culture and respect that. There are several police stations in Las Terrenas and some of them speak english.

Electricity costs: 24/7 electricity with a private company, Luz Y Fuerza. Prices around 20 pesos per kwh is around half a dollar per kw. Mid 2015 prices will drop to around 0,30 us dollar cents per kw because Las Terrenas will be connected to other grid. A normal 3 bedroom home with pool around 200 usd per month.

Services: a cleaning lady full time is around 7000-8000 pesos = 160-180 usd per month. Gardner the same.

TV, phones & internet: around 60 usd for both. Several carriers for internet and tv, also local. For mobile phones are also several carriers and many options, with or without data and if you like 4g speeds as well. So you can use internet on your cellular as well. Very modern systems here.

Medical and health: What you need is here in Las Terrenas. A brandnew hospital just opened, there are doctors and dentists. Besides that we have in Santiago the most modern hospital from the Caribbean "Hom". And in Santo Domingo many more clinics, also private ones. Many insurance plans also available in whatever budget. A good one is costing around 800 usd per year. Also helicopter insurance in case of emergency.

Schools: we have several options in schools in Las Terrenas. Spanish, english and french.

Airports: closest airport is El Catey in Samana which has direct flights with Europe and Canada. After that best option is Las Americas airport in Santo Domingo at 1,5 hrs drive from Las Terrenas. Las Americas has international flights with all over the world. From Las Americas airport to Las Terrenas a new highway with toll.

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