Playa el Valle in Samana...

Looking for that natural and unspoiled envirement? Where you only here nature, birds, sound from the waves and the ocean? Far away but closeby? Then Playa el Valle could be something for you. Playa el Valle can be reached now over a sandy road and you need to cross a very undeep river. Playa el Valle has water and electricity in all places.

Leaving the city of Samana after 1 km you will see some signs at your left hand side saying "Zipline and Playa el Valle". Go there left. Its an asphalted road till you reach the lake which is in use by the new aquaduct. After that the road changes into sand.

Here direction Playa el Valle you will see friendly local people living and working. They in generally are living from their land. Agriculture like coconuts, yuca, coffee and cacao, grapefruit, pineapple, passion fruit and cows and pigs.

You wil pass 2 small schools, a small hospital, a church and homes direction the beach. Coming at the beach you will find several beach bars/restaurants, driven by friendly locals. You will see fishermen bringing in fresh fish, kids playing in the sand and around june every year the sea turtles who are putting their eggs in the sandy beach fron Playa el Valle.

Playa el Valle is the only deserted place in Samana which has this infrastructure: water and electricity. One can ask why...

April 2012, so this year, the government announced the new building density rules for the entire coast from El Catey to Playa el Valle. And what occurs... Playa el Valle has the highest density. 35 bedrooms per 10.000 m2. Perfect for new developments.

Playa el Valle is the BEST VALUE FOR MONEY at this moment in Samana, perhaps in the entire Dominican Republic.

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