Villas in Las Terrenas for sale

Looking for a nice villa? A villa in Las Terrenas or close to Las Terrenas. Perhaps on the beach or with a spectacular oceanview. Or do you prefer to be close to center of town? In whatever way, we as immomexx, can assist you.

We have the largest and most updated database in Samana. We have many villas for sale in and around Las Terrenas and Samana. We also have many villas for sale which are not on our website because of privacy reasons.

We have villas for sale inside gated communities. These villas are perfect for buyers who want to use their villa sometimes and rent it out the time they are not here. Villas in Las Terrenas can bring a very good rental income. Ask us about rental income generating villas in Las Terrenas because not every villa is good for generating rental income. We also have villas outside gated communities. Perfect for buyers who want to live here year around.

Las Terrenas once was a very small village with around 100 people living here. That was a long time ago... There was no infratructure, no electricity... just the ocean and fishermen... Now, 2013.... we have a laiback lifestyle village with more than 6000 foreigners living here.