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Why Las Terrenas

Posted by admin on May 27, 2019
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Always dreamed of living on or close to the beach? sand between your toes, palm trees waving, friendly people... different... Of course, there are many places like that. But you can't live in many places! So one needs to choose from. So what then? Travel, look around, start sailing, discover islands... and dream... But, there is always a but!!! At a certain moment, you need to stop dreaming and to start acting! If not, you will dream until you...

So that is what I did 15 years ago! I settled myself in Las Terrenas, at the northeast coast from the Dominican Republic. In 2004 different than now, 2019. In 2004 it was normal to see donkeys and horses on the roads. Roads where sandy roads, not asphalted streets like now. To go to Las Terrenas in 2004, from whatever airport here in DR, was a small jungle tour. Now several new highways are done and Samana (El Catey) has its own international airport. But often, Santo Domingo airport (AZS) has the best connections, with whatever country in the world. Las Americas Airport is at 1,5-hour drive from Las Terrenas.

Since 2004 happened a lot. Time did not stop here. What do we have now:

  • A still small beach town where you can walk around. You are never further away from beaches then a couple of minutes.
  • A mixture of cultures, nationalities, and languages now. A real international community. A mixture with also Dominicans. Las Terrenas is really a town, organically grown in these last years where people from all over the world live next to each other, work and raise kids.
  • An affordable place to live with access to good supermarkets and food stores. We have 2 large supermarkets here. Superpola, Dominican, and Lindo, a French supermarket. Then many small "colmados".
  • Then, of course, countless beachfront restaurants and whatever food you would like, it's here. Cafe's everywhere. French, German, Spanish, Italian, North american bars and restaurants. Good quality and good priced.
  • Santo Domingo, a metropolitan city, at 2 hours drive, has everything that Las Terrenas does not have. An international very large city with large shopping malls, Ikea, McDonald's, Cartier, Rolex, Bugatti, etc. Whatever you can image, it's there.
  • The beaches here, and we are very, very high on the beach ranking list. Las Terrenas is a beach town! Famous for that. And in fact everywhere swimmable warm ocean water.
  • Nature: arguably also on top of the list here. Samana is a nature's paradise with its beaches and mountains. Go up in the mountains and you will have amazing views. When you enter Las Terrenas from the highway, at the "mirador"... it will take your breath!!!
  • The tourists that visit Las Terrenas, in general, are not the average tourists. They go to Punta Cana or Sosua. Here we have a different kind. Tourists here love the freedom, nature and low access community. Easy living and going around.
  • The era of wooden homes is over. You can still find them. For example, walking over the Portillo beach. Wooden beach homes from 30 years old. Owned by Dominican families. In perfect condition. Dominican and international architects and contractors made and make spectacular homes now if you want. It more depends on what you are looking for. For every budget there is something.
  • And you don't have to get bored here. Do you want activities? What to think of kiting, surfing, diving, snorkeling, fishing, horse riding, tennis, fitness, mountain or road biking, paddle boarding, kayaking, Hobie cats, zip lining in El Valle, hiking, climbing, visit waterfalls, dancing with salsa and merengue and i hope sometimes in the near future a golf course.
  • And yes we have really top dentists here, good doctors and a new international clinic here in Las Terrenas. And with a good insurance system that works and is cheap. Yearly around 1200 usd.
  • Is it safe? Nobody can tell you. Is it safe where you live? Las Terrenas feels and is comfortable to go around where ever you want. Paradise does not exist. Here the same. Las Terrenas is not paradise but for living it comes close! Easy to go around.





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